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Brian Pete

Robin Fogarty

Brian Pete is known for his engaging presentations, his depth of knowledge, his sense of timing, reflective insights and the wit and humor he brings to the audience.

Robin is known as the teachers’ teacher.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to all endeavors, with her lively sense of humor and personable ways.

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2016 Schedule


6,7,8 Chicago, IL School on Brink of Greatness link

20 - EB Ellington Elementary Charleston, SC


4 - Hazlet Township, NJ Prepare for Test of Life

8-9 - Fairbanks AK 21st Century Classrooms

11-12 - Yolo, CA  Prepare for Test of Life

11 St Louis, MO Differentiation/Critical Thinking

15-16 Lakewood, OH Prepare for Test of Life

15 - Eaton, OH Video Prepare for Test of Life

17 - Three Rivers, OH Prepare for Test of Life

23,24,25 IKNS Kingdom of Bahrain

28-29 Bayan School Kingdom of Bahrain

From Staff Room to Classroom Conference

Schools on the Brink of Greatness

The best ever, RFA Staff Room to Classroom Conference for change agents in the schools; 3 days of input on adult learners, change, PD best practices; 35 teachers/leaders learning, laughing, networking;  9 brilliant interactive presentations targeting school goals; emotional climate, peer coaching, quality vs equity, math literacy. Desired results: greater student engagement, greater student results and greater student agency.

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