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National Board Certification
Journey of Professional Development

Natalie R. Scavone

Drawing on her years of experience as a facilitator, the author helps the teacher journey through the professional experience of a lifetime. - 106 pgs. (5in x 9in)

Original Price $15.00; Special Price $8.00

National Board Certification  
Item# 252   978-0-9717332-8-2 $8.00  

Principals & Brain Research
Keepers of the Vision

Judy Wilson Stevens

The adage that "teachers can't teach what they don't know-even if they are mandated to do so" applies here. Begin with the brain, then proceed with a process that leads your faculty to achieve what they believe is possible. - 72 pgs. (5in x 9in)

Original Price $12.00; Special Price $8.00

Principals & Brain Research  
Item# 521   978-0-9717332-0-6 $8.00  

                                          The Promise of Mentoring

The Challenge of Professional Development

Jim Salzman

The promise mentoring offers for supporting the efforts of new teachers is well-documented. But , to fully prepare mentors for the intricacies of the role takes comprehensive professional development planning. Begin the conversation about effective observation skills and good coaching techniques. - 47 pgs. (5in x 9in)

Original Price $12.00; Special Price $8.00

The Promise of Mentoring  
Item# 519   978-0-9701665-6-2 $8.00  

Just For Subs
Survival of the Fittest

Natalie R. Scavone

From the early morning call, to the daily plan, to the day's end, this nutshell walks the teacher through the trials and tribulations of "subbing". Filled with proven procedures, sound advice and telling anecdotes, this is perfect gift for the subs in your school. - 80 pgs. (5in x 9in)

Original Price $15.00; Special Price $8.00

Just for Subs  
Item# 530   978-0-9747416-2-8 $8.00  

All 21 Nutshell books for the reduced price of $350.00.
All books are 5in. x 9in.

Titles include:
  1. ADD: What We Know, What We Can Do
  2. The Adult Learner
  3. Close the Achievement Gap
  4. Cooperative Learning
  5. Data! Dialogue! Decisions!
  6. Differentiated Learning
  7. Finding the Time and Money
  8. Higher Order Thinking Skills
  9. How to Differentiate Learning
  10. The Hungry Brain
  11. A Look at Transfer
  12. Making Sense of Research
  13. A Model for Mentoring Our Teachers
  14. Multiple Intelligences
  15. Nine Best Practices
  16. Performance Assessment
  17. Standards of Learning
  18. Teachers Make THE Difference
  19. Ten Principles for New Principals
  20. Test-Taking Strategies
  21. Twelve Brain Principles

            Special price $350.00

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Full Nutshell Collection - 21 books  
Item# 000   $350.00