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Professional Development for the Schools on the Brink of Greatness

Schools can make the difference in the learning journey of every child. In fact, highly motivated school leadership and dedicated staff are changing the status quo. Over-crowded curriculum, stand and deliver lessons and static test scores are being replaced by greater student engagement,greater student results and greater student agency. Discover how close your school is to The Brink of Greatness.

The Right to be Literate BookCover

The Right To Be Literate

Literacy Skills for the 21st Century.
The Perfect Book Study by Brian M. Pete & Robin J. Fogarty
Why Do a Book Study?

From Staffroom to Classroom BookCover

Staffroom to Classroom

Tools to successfully guide staff to the highest levels of effectiveness. A Guide for Planning and Coaching Professional Learning Brian Pete & Robin Fogarty

Ignite! Excite! Invite! Book Cover

Invite! Excite! Ignite!

13 Principles for Teaching, Learning and Leading in the K-12 Classroom.
Getting Back to Teaching: Invite! Excite! Ignite!