BlueStreak Math is the future.

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The Future of Fact Fluency for all students is here BlueStreakMath is a cutting edge digital tool that invites, excites and ignites student practice, learning and mastery of math fact fluency through a space centered gaming environment.

    NEW Books:
  • BlueStreak Strategy Log-Book 1 Addition and Subtraction-James Gilliat
  • BlueStreak Strategy Log-Book 2 Multiplication and Division-James Gilliat

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    Imagine a middle school math class where...

  • Students knew their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts accuracy and fluency.
  • Teachers could free up valuable teaching time for deeper learning and higher order thinking skills.
  • Educators have the ability to assess student fluency with mathematical operations by means of monitoring student response time and accuracy.

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  • 24/7 Access. Anywhere, Anytime. Web based, online platform. Fully responsive for tablet learning
  • One-To-One Math Fact Fluency. Differentiated for each student. Equal attention for all.
  • Differentiated Thinking Strategies. Applying conceptual understanding and mathematical knowledge.
  • Multiple Gaming Environments. No separation between learning and play. Full integration.
  • Pre And Post Test Certification. Track progress from where they started. Guarantee mastery.
  • Learning Cards For Every Fact. Introduction of new facts using a robust, multi-sensory approach.
  • Immediate Feedback For Students. Learn facts. Track mastery after every game round.
  •  Hierarchal Framework of Skills. A step-by-step system to create a base of knowledge to build upon.
  •  Visual Feedback on Performance. Charts and graphs to track data on each student, class, school.

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