BlueStreak Math is the future.

Imagine a middle school math class where...
  • Students knew their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts accuracy and fluency.
  • Teachers could free up valuable teaching time for deeper learning and higher order thinking skills.
  • Educators have the ability to assess student fluency with mathematical operations by means of monitoring student response time and accuracy.

The Future of Fact Fluency for all students is here BlueStreak is a cutting edge digital tool that invites, excites and ignites student practice, learning and mastery of math fact fluency through a space centered gaming environment.

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NEW Log Books:
BlueStreak Strategy Log-Book #1 Addition and Subtraction 
BlueStreak Strategy Log-Book #2 Multiplication and Division 

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Updated January 2019

BlueStreak Math- Use Now to Manage Math Skills & Scores
  • Students must solve a math problem every 12 seconds to continue playing
  • Free auto progress report emailed every week to follow progress
  • Check progress any time you like
  • Helps with SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) with competitive and cooperative games
  • BlueStreak is personalized  learning in a digital format
  • BlueStreak has 5 games. Earth Defender, Moonwalker, Space Racer, Jetpack & Capture the Flag 

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Blue Streak Videos links:

Bluestreak Action Demo
Cooperative multiplayer game
Summer 2018
Testimonial Whistler Elementary School 1
Mr. Andre Ball talks about the BlueStreak Strategy Log
Woodland School Ian Kelly-1st Grade Student

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  • 24/7 Access. Anywhere, Anytime. Web based, online platform. Fully responsive for tablet learning
  • One-To-One Math Fact Fluency. Differentiated for each student. Equal attention for all.
  • Differentiated Thinking Strategies. Applying conceptual understanding and mathematical knowledge.
  • Multiple Gaming Environments. No separation between learning and play. Full integration.
  • Pre And Post Test Certification. Track progress from where they started. Guarantee mastery.
  • Learning Cards For Every Fact. Introduction of new facts using a robust, multi-sensory approach.
  • Immediate Feedback For Students. Learn facts. Track mastery after every game round.
  • Hierarchal Framework of Skills. A step-by-step system to create a base of knowledge to build upon.
  • Visual Feedback on Performance. Charts and graphs to track data on each student, class, school.

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