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The Teachers’ Choice Awards honor products of exceptional quality and outstanding performance in the classroom and at home!

Catalog of most of our Books. If there is a book that you do not see on here and wish to purchase please send us an email and we will get right back to you. Thanks so much for stopping by!

From Staffroom To Classroom 2 Book Cover
Unlocking Student Talent
The New Science of Developing Expertise
Designs for Cooperative Interactions Book Cover
Everyday Problem-based Learning:
Quick Projects to Build Problem-Solving Fluency

The Right To Be Literate Book Cover
The Right to Be Literate
Six Essential Literacy Skills that are of paramount importance
From Staffroom To Classroom 2 Book Cover
From Staff Room to Classroom
A Guide for Planning

Invite,Ignite,Excite Book Cover
INVITE! IGNITE! EXCITE! “A true celebration of teaching and learning” Charlotte Danielson
Thinking Skills within The Common Core Book Cover
Seven Key Student Proficiencies of the New National Standards

Literacy Matters Book Cover
Literacy Matters
Strategies Every Teacher Can Use
Second edition
Ten Things New teachers Need to Succeed Book Cover
Ten Things New Teachers Need to Succeed
Second Edition

Blueprints Book cover
Blueprints for Achievement in the Cooperative Classroom: a step by step classic.
Multiple Intelligences for Differentiated Learning Book Cover
Multiple Intelligences for Differentiated Learning
Moving  from curiosity, to confidence!

The Hungry Brain Book Cover
The Hungry Brain
The Nutrition/Cognition Connection
How to Differentiate Learning Book Cover
How to Differentiate Learning Provides guidance for schools and districts.

Close the Achievement Gap Book Cover
Close the Achievement Gap
Simple Strategies That Work
A Look at Transfer Book Cover
A Look At Transfer
Seven Strategies That Work!

Data! Dialogue! Decisions! Book Cover
Data! Dialogue! Decisions!
Making SMART goal decisions about how to increase student performance.
The Adult Learner Book Cover
The Adult Learner
Principles that guide the learning practices of the adult learner.

Higher Order Thinking Skills Book Cover
Higher Order Thinking Skills
Challenging All Students to Achieve
Nine Best Practices Book Cover
Nine Best Practices That Make the Difference Meta-analysis of studies on instructional strategies.

21st Century Skills Book Cover
21st Century Skills
Rethinking How Students Learn
Cooperative Learning Book Cover
Cooperative Learning
A Standard for High Achievement.

Twelve Brain Principals Book Cover
Twelve Brain Principles That Make the Difference
Informative Assessment Book Cover
inFormative Assessment
Use assessment as a powerful tool to inform instruction and learning!

Integrating Curricula Book Cover
Integrating Curricula With Multiple Intelligences
Teams, Themes, and Threads
Second Edition
Differentiated Instruction Book Cover
Supporting Differentiated Instruction A Professional Learning Communities Approach

The Portfolio Connection Book Cover
The Portfolio Connection
Student Work Linked to Standards
Third Edition
From Staffroom to Classroom 2 Book Cover
From Staff Room to Classroom II
The One-Minute Professional Development Planner

Brain Compatible Classrooms Book Cover
Brain-Compatible Classrooms
Third Edition
Integrate the Curricula Book Cover
How to Integrate the Curricula
Third edition

Problem-Based Learning Book Cover
Problem-Based Learning & Other Curriculum
Models for the Multiple Intelligences Classroom
Balanced Assessment Book Cover
Balanced Assessment
Authentic Assessments.

How to Raise test Scores Book Cover
How to Raise Test Scores
supplies teachers with sound instructional strategies that are guaranteed to get results
Problem Based Learning Book Cover
Problem Based Learning
A Collection of Articles instructional model for the classroom.

The Right To Be Literate Book Cover
The Right to Be Literate
Six Essential Literacy Skills that are of paramount importance
In a Nutshell Book Cover
In a Nutshell: The 12-Book Collection "What you need to know about teaching!"