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Are You Ready to Be Great?

Robin Fogarty and Associates Present

The target goals of the RFA Conference, Leading Schools on the Brink of Greatness, are focused on supporting leaders, teachers and students, also on the brink of greatness, in the transformation of their schools. Think about this, all stakeholders have been working hard and working smart since the Common Core State Standards began. We are doing a good job. It’s getting better.

Leaders executed the framework that put the Common Core in place. Teachers implemented the new national standards through collegial conversations, collaborations and eventually with celebrations. Students did their part, too, by striving earnestly to achieve the rigor required to raise the bar on assignments, achievement and of course, on the assessments.

Now, it’s time to move forward, again. Register for this unique Think Tank in July 2017 in the Greatest City in America!. Experience what happens when your entire leadership team synchronizes their efforts across the school with this elegant and achievable mission: moving your school for good to great.

Your Hosts and Presenters!
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The registration fee includes all conference expenses as listed below.

  • One Strategic PD Plan: High Tech High Touch, High Thought Classrooms
  • Two Dynamic Books: Best Sellers on Teaching Thinking/ Staff Room to Classroom I
  • Three Days of Expert Input/Team Output for Customized Support
  • Three Phase Model: Thinking Skills-Talk-through, Walk-through, Drive-through
  • Four Inquiry Strategies: Big Idea Themes, Essential Questions, Stakeholder Role, PBL,
  • Additional Books on Leading and Presenting at the Conference Discount
  • Four Bookmarks with Tips on Best Practices for Differentiated Classrooms
  • Team Appointments with the Conference Leaders for Coaching Transfer
  • Real Networking Time with Teams and with the Group of Dedicated Educators
  • Breakfast and Lunch for the 3 days; Dinner on own with restaurants galore
  • Optional Bonus Session on Professional Writing for Publication

Some words from a past participant:

In our most recent staff development survey, our teachers have indicated the highest level of transfer ever recorded! Nearly 89% responded that they have integrated 5 or more strategies per SD day this year!  (We have a 100% response rate, BTW…).  Unreal!

“The Staff Room to Classroom Conference was the catalyst that has lead to district-wide professional development reform. Collaboratively using From Staffroom to Classroom as our guide, we continue to provide teachers with meaningful and transferable instructional best practices.  We are seeing the transfer in observations and walk-throughs daily!”

Happy holidays and thanks for your inspiration!
Tony Brazouski, PhD
Executive Director of Academic Achievement

3-Day Agenda of Objectives & Outcomes

Each participant at the Chicago Conference will:

  • LEARN the skills and strategies needed to conduct on-site PD workshops that transfer immediately to the K12 classrooms.
  • DESIGN professional development experiences that are systemic, practical, job-embedded and sustained over time, to foster immediate take-aways.
  • EMBRACE the best practices in professional development and essential elements of Joyce and Shower’s proven training model.
  • PRACTICE the presentation skills of sage on the stage, the facilitation skills of guide on the side, as well as the mediation skills of the coach in the field.

Professional Development Take-Aways: Theory to Practice

  1. The Adult Learner - Knowles
  2. Across the Generations - Abrams
  3. Change Theory - Guskey
  4. The Training Model - Joyce and Showers
  5. Coaching for Transfer - Fogarty and Pete

Every team will have the opportunity to do an authentic presentation for peer review with coaching and feedback throughout the presentation. This is easily the greatest learning experience to prepare the team for incredibly effective professional learning sessions back in their own districts.

Conference Details:
Register Now! Pay Later!

Call: 800-213-9246
Email Today! Robin Fogarty & Associates
1300 N. Astor St 24B Chicago, IL 60610-7473

Site: Mike Ditkas Restaurant
RFA Chicago Conference 2017
July 5th, 6th & 7th 2017
100 East Chestnut Chicago, IL 60616-7473
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Call 888-563-4373 reference "Robin Fogarty & Associates"

Optimize the experience! Bring A Team!

  • $700 - per Person
  • Included with Registration: 2 Meals, 2 Best Selling Books for Staff Developers, 18 hours of Professional Development that is research-based, user-friendly, interactive, practical and most important . . . your team will leave with a full year strategic PD plan!

    Cancellation Policy: 20% fee for any cancellation after June 1, 2017

Writing for Publication

The Writing for Publication Workshop is the beginning of the next chapter in your professional career. Everyone has a book in them, is the age-old adage that many educational professionals have heard over the years. And it is a known fact that teachers and principals respect their peers and love learning from their colleagues. They know the information is presented with a practical perspective and an eye on what is relevant. Publishers scout for practitioners who want to write about their professional challenges and successes. This is your chance to break into the publishing world as a knowing educator. Robin Fogarty will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Writing for Publication Workshop - SPECIAL OFFER Is Free!

  • Target Topics for consideration, before the February Writers Workshop
  • Development of Selected Topic during the February Workshop
  • Follow-up Correspondence after the workshop - Editing, Shaping, Submitting
  • Success stories from Writing for Publication Chicago, 2011
  • *Rebecca Stinson - Kappan - Feb. 2012 “Separating the Boys from the Girls” - Patterson
  • *Barb Bergman - Journal of Staff Development - Aug. 2012 “From Data Rich, to Data-Driven, to Data Wise:
  • One School’s Journey to Making Sense of Student Data”
Writing for Publication Workshop:

Instructor: Robin Fogarty has authored over 40 titles for educators and published seminal articles, in leading journals (Ed Leadership, Kappan, Journal of Staff Development). She was publisher and the leading expert on staff development design for Skylight Publishing for 15 years and has owned her own educational company for 11 years. Robin has shaped books and articles for those you have read over the years, including Jim Bellanca, Art Costa, Kay Burke, R. Bruce Williams, Valerie Gregory, Robert Sternberg, Carolyn Chapman, Alan November, Ken O'Conner and Gail Gregory. With this rich background in writing and publishing, Robin is eager to share what she knows about writing for publication

Register, NOW EMAIL: robin@robinfogarty.com CALL 800-213-9246

Seminar Presenters

Robin Fogarty

headshot of Robin Fogarty Robin is President of Robin Fogarty and Associates, Ltd., a Chicago-based, minority-owned, educational publishing/consulting company. Robin received her doctorate in curriculum and human resource development from Loyola University of Chicago

A leading proponent of the thoughtful classroom, Robin has trained educators throughout the world in curriculum, instruction and assessment strategies.

She has taught at all levels, from kindergarten to college, served as an administrator, and consulted with state departments and ministries of education in the United States, Puerto Rico, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Korea and the Netherlands.

Robin has published articles in Educational Leadership, Phi Delta Kappan and the Journal of Staff Development. She is the author, numerous publications, including Brain-Compatible Classrooms, Ten Things New Teachers Need, Literacy Matters, How to Integrate the Curricula, The Adult Learner, A Look at Transfer, Close the Achievement Gap, Twelve Brain Principles, Nine Best Practices, and From Staff Room to Classroom: Planning and Coaching Professional Learning.

Brian Pete

Headshot of Brian Pete Brian is co-founder of Robin Fogarty & Associates, an educational publishing company and president of, The Education Associates, an international consulting firm. He comes from a family of educators: college professors, school superintendents, teachers and teachers of teachers. He has a rich background in professional development and and has worked in and videotaped classroom teachers and professional experts in schools throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

He has an eye for the “teachable moment” and the words to describe what he sees as skillful teaching. Brian’s work on educational videos include, Best Practices: Classroom Management and Best Practices: Active Learning Classrooms.

He is co-author of five books: Data Driven Decisions, Twelve Principles that Make the Difference, Nine “Best Practices” That Make the Difference, The Adult Learner and A Look at Transfer. His most recent publication is, From Staff Room to Classroom: A Guide for Planning and Coaching Professional Learning.