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Professional Development for Educators: A Robin Fogarty Company

RFA Professional Development (PD) Best Practices

  • Sustained over time
  • Job-embedded; on-site support; go-to person
  • Collegial and collaborative; peer coaching
  • Interactive and Hands-on
  • Integrated with text, video, online, etc.
  • Practical; Immediate Applications
  • Results-oriented Approach
  • Instruction, Curriculum, Assessment and Leadership

    RFA Professional Development (PD) Options:

  • One-day Sessions-great to kick-off initiative
  • Multiple-day Sessions-fosters depth of learning
  • Saturday/Sunday sessions-alleviates need for subs
  • Summer Sessions-Away from front-line action; time to think
  • Online Course work-Initiates or support Face to Face PD

    RFA Consultants and Staff:

  • Work collaboratively with you!
  • Consider relevant school demographics!
  • Address your specific school data!
  • Tailor the PD to your goals and site needs!
  • Finalize all details (contract, stipends, books, etc)
  • Complete a one-page agreement for your review

Professional Development (PD) includes an entire array of models for school staff that include: Seminars, books studies, workshops and trainings. PD by Robin Fogarty & Associates is specifically designed and facilitated by experts in a field of curriculum development, instructional strategies and assessment techniques. The PD focus is on in-depth learning for school improvement. The goal is to deliver PD that transfers, directly and immediately from "the staff room to the classroom" for teachers, mentors, academic coaches and school leadership.

info@robinfogarty.com   Consulting Fees: $1500-$5000/day